Sunday, 13 November 2016

Sunday's Obituary: MISS SWAIN DIES AT 91.

Brockton Daily Enterprise
Wednesday, March 17, 1920
Page 4

Miss Mary Parker Swain died Tuesday in New Bedford at her home, 382 County street. She was 91 years old and had been in ill health a long time. Her family was among the old settlers of Nantucket.

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  1. Hi, David,
    Actually I'm very interested in this post! I'm in my 50's and was given up for adoption at birth. I now know who my mother was (but she died without choosing to meet me) but have only DNA testing to ID my father. Via testing I know that my father was mostly French-Canadian and I know that he was a descendant of Onesime and Marie Agnes (lavallee) Ducharme and he also descended from Charles and Marguerite (Bazinet) Surprenant. I also know that I have a bunch of matches who are descended from Godfrey Spruill (a Scottish MD) who lived in Tyrell County, NC. and I know that I am descended from the Swain branch of the Spruills. I now have a new 2nd cousin match who unfortunately only knows that his father's name was Edward L. Harris and that his father's father was possibly named Clarence Harris. I am still trying to make the connection between the French-Canadians and the Spruill/Swain people. I hadn't found any Swains up north so already your obituary for Miss Swain helps. If you have any other info or hints where to look (I'll check out Miss Swain on Ancestry later today) I'm all ears!!!!!!! Thanks for your time!

  2. David,
    My e-mail is: Leslie

    1. Hi Leslie,

      The e-mail address you provided was invalid so I tried adding a period between your first and last names. If you do not get that e-mail, can you please give me your e-mail again?



    2. Dear Leslie,

      Do check out this link. It might be of great help to you.