Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Tombstone Tuesday: Kelly, Calvary Cemetery (Brockton, MA)

1871   John C. Kelly   1951

1877   Elizabeth A.   1964

1863   Mary A.   1925

1845   John H. Donovan   1926

1868   Teresa B. Kelly   1927

1875   Margaret V.   1933

1850   Annie T. Donovan   1934

1869   Annie C. Kelly   1951

1914   Grace M. Kelly   1982

1888   James C. Donovan   1973

1875   Mary E. Sliney   1959

Monday, 21 November 2016

Mystery Monday | Madness Monday: THINKS WIFE FERRY SUICIDE

The Brockton Times
Saturday, February 13, 1926
Front Page

   BOSTON. Feb. 13. (A. P.)―Alfred M. Stacy of Newton, after questioning three Winthrop men who saw a woman jump to her death from a ferryboat in Boston harbor last night, told police today he believed the victim was his wife, Irene. Mrs. Stacey had been in ill health for three weeks and disappeared from home early yesterday. The body has not been recovered.

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Brockton Daily Enterprise
Thursday, August 13, 1936
Page Two

   Henry E. DeLorey, 40, World war veteran and Legionnaire with a colorful overseas record, was found dead in bed at his home, 15 Kensington place, Wednesday afternoon, victim of a heart ailment developing during wartime service. Unfortunately, Mr. DeLorey was alone when the end came, his wife and youthful son being in Haverhill for a week's visit with relatives.  
   He had been in seemingly good spirits and appeared to be feeling better than usual when the family decided on the visit to Haverhill for a few days, Mrs. DeLorey and her son returned home Wednesday evening to receive the sad news.
   According to Medical Examiner Budreski, who viewed the body, DeLorey had been dead for more than 24 hours when discovered.
   An egg dealer, who called at the home Kensington place each week, went there Wednesday afternoon and found a Tuesday's Enterprise lying in the back hallway. The kitchen door was open and he walked in when no response came to his knocks. He placed the eggs and the paper on a table and then glanced into a bedroom off the kitchen. He noticed Mr. DeLorey in bed.
   He went immediately to the home of Charles T. Smith, 3 Winona street, Mr. DeLorey's brother-in-law, and advised Mr. Smith of circumstances at the DeLorey home. Together they returned to the Kensington place home and made the tragic discovery.
   Mr. DeLorey was with the 71st Heavy Artillery division which saw considerable service while overseas.
   Besides his wife and son, David, he leaves his father, Michael F. DeLorey; a brother, Russell DeLorey, and two sisters, Mrs. Sadie Joseph and Miss Emily L. DeLorey, all of this city.
   Funeral services will be held at the funeral home, 9 Chester avenue, Friday at 8:15 A. M., followed by high mass of requiem at St. Patrick's church at 9. Interment will be in Calvary cemetery.

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Friday, 18 November 2016

Funeral Card Friday: Miss Annie Gillespie

The Brockton Times
Monday, October 2, 1916
Page 3

   The funeral of Miss Annie Gillespie, 60, who died suddenly Saturday morning at the home of Mrs. J. C. Kizarian, 11 Spring street, was held this afternoon at 1.30 from the E. T. & N. W. Sampson chapel, North Main street. Rector David B. Matthews of St. Paul's church officiated. Burial was in Vine cemetery, Plymouth. 

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Friday's Faces From the Past: CPL. JOSEPH E. LYNCH

Brockton Daily Enterprise
Thursday, January 18, 1945
Page Two

Is Missing

BRIDGEWATER, Jan. 18—Cpl. Joseph E. Lynch, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Lynch of 58 Stetson street, has been reported missing in action in Germany since Dec. 16, only having been overseas several months. He was a sophomore at Boston University and gave up his studies to enter the army. He was well known in this town. On entering the service he was 18 years old. 

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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Wednesday's Child: Death of Little Girl.

Brockton Daily Enterprise
Tuesday, March 16, 1920
Page 2

Death of Little Girl. 
   Mr. and Mrs. Cordon E. Pearl, 894 North Montello street, are mourning the death of their little daughter, Lillian G. Pearl, who died early this morning at the Brockton Hospital from double pneumonia. The little girl would have been two years old April 29. As the youngest child, the baby was called the sunshine of the family. Four other children survive Marjorie, the eldest, aged 11, Marion, Ernest and Ethel. 

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Wedding Wednesday: AHEARN-COTE

The Brockton Times
Thursday, July 10, 1913
Page Three

   AHEARN-COTE—In Holbrook, July 9, by Rev. John A. Sheridan, Michael F. Ahearn and Miss Nellie I. Cote. 

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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Sunday's Obituary: MISS SWAIN DIES AT 91.

Brockton Daily Enterprise
Wednesday, March 17, 1920
Page 4

Miss Mary Parker Swain died Tuesday in New Bedford at her home, 382 County street. She was 91 years old and had been in ill health a long time. Her family was among the old settlers of Nantucket.

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Friday, 11 November 2016

Funeral Card Friday: Kazmier J. Hanson

The Brockton Times
Tuesday, August 16, 1904
Page 4


   The funeral of Kazmier J. Hanson was held this morning at his home, 814 Oak street, at 8.30, and at St. Edward's Catholic church at 9. Rev. Father M. J. Maquire officiated. The bearers were members of Brockton court, M. C. O. F., of which the deceased was a member in life. They were John Dean, chief ranger of the court, Peter Leach, John McClaskey, Peter Gleen, W. Fannigan and James Thomas. Interment was in Calvary cemetery. The flowers included a spray of roses, Mr. and Mrs. Leach; bouquet, Walter Dean; bouquet, Mr. and Mrs. Dean; bouquet, Mr. and Mrs. Saravic; bouquet, Mr. and Mrs. J. Buret; pillow, from E. E. Taylor factory, where deceased was employed; bouquet, Mrs. Rigbes; bouquet, Mr. and Mrs. V. Fabion; bouquet, Mr. and Mrs. Maginis; cross, from Brockton court, M. C. O. F.; bouquet, Mrs. Wilson; bouquets, from the family; bouquet, Miss Julia Gies; pillow,,from wife and daughter; bouquet, Mrs. Burgess and children.

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Armistice Day & Veteran's Day: Edward Smith, Vet of War I, Is Dead

Brockton Daily Enterprise
Friday, November 19, 1948
Page Two

Edward Smith, Vet Of War I, Is Dead 
   Edward smith, a past commander of George Girouard Post, 139, Canadian Legion, died this morning at his home, 542 North Montello street, after a long illness. He served in World War 1 as a British soldier. He enlisted in the 2d Leicestershire regiment in 1902 and saw service in England, Mesopotamia, and Palestine. He received his discharge Feb. 17, 1920. Mr. Smith possessed the British War and Victory medals. He had been a member of George Girouard post since Jan. 28, 1941 and served as its commander in 1947.
   Mr. Smith was born in Kettering, England, and had lived in the United States 22 years. He was formerly employed as a finisher by Stretch & Kendrick.
   He is survived by his widow, Ellen (Joyce) Smith and a sister, Jane Cotton of England.
  Funeral services will be held Sunday at 2 from the funeral home, 487 North Warren avenue. Interment will be in Melrose cemetery. Members of George Girouard Post and auxiliary will  hold rites at the funeral home Saturday evening at 8.

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Friday's Faces from the Past (Veteran's Day): Private Francis E. Kibart

Brockton Daily Enterprise
Tuesday, December 24, 1946
Page Two

1944—December 25—1946 
In Memoriam 

He did not know when leaving home
He would no more return;
That he in death so soon would sleep 
and leave us here to mourn.
Today as We look at your picture,
So loving and tender and true,
No wonder our hearts are broken
Thinking, son and brother, of you. 
Lovingly remembered and 
sadly missed by 

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