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Funeral Card Friday: Kazmier J. Hanson

The Brockton Times
Tuesday, August 16, 1904
Page 4


   The funeral of Kazmier J. Hanson was held this morning at his home, 814 Oak street, at 8.30, and at St. Edward's Catholic church at 9. Rev. Father M. J. Maquire officiated. The bearers were members of Brockton court, M. C. O. F., of which the deceased was a member in life. They were John Dean, chief ranger of the court, Peter Leach, John McClaskey, Peter Gleen, W. Fannigan and James Thomas. Interment was in Calvary cemetery. The flowers included a spray of roses, Mr. and Mrs. Leach; bouquet, Walter Dean; bouquet, Mr. and Mrs. Dean; bouquet, Mr. and Mrs. Saravic; bouquet, Mr. and Mrs. J. Buret; pillow, from E. E. Taylor factory, where deceased was employed; bouquet, Mrs. Rigbes; bouquet, Mr. and Mrs. V. Fabion; bouquet, Mr. and Mrs. Maginis; cross, from Brockton court, M. C. O. F.; bouquet, Mrs. Wilson; bouquets, from the family; bouquet, Miss Julia Gies; pillow,,from wife and daughter; bouquet, Mrs. Burgess and children.

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